Break The Floor



Are there different entry limits for virtual vs in-person competition for each city?
Can a studio register some routines for virtual and some routines for the in-person competition?
Can a studio register some of their dancers for virtual workshop and other dancers for the in-person workshop?
If the event becomes virtual, is it up to each dancer to decide whether they attend the event virtually? Or does the studio have to decide as a whole?
How will the Teacher Discounts work with virtual and in-person workshop attendees?
For the virtual competition will studios upload previously recorded routines or will they live Zoom with the judges?
Is there a limit to the number of dancers you will be accepting for the in-person workshop?
If the event is all virtual, will the classes be streamed in Pacific Time or the Time Zone of the event city?


Can scholarships be applied to in-person and virtual workshop fees?
Are virtual workshop dancers eligible for all scholarships?
How long will virtual dancers have to submit their Scholarship Audition video?