Keeping Dance Safe

At Break The Floor, we are fully dedicated to the health and well-being of your dancers, our staff and the dance community as a whole.  Our team is composed of industry experts and business professionals who are committed to a culture of transparency, integrity, and professionalism without losing sight of producing the most innovative and unique dance events so many have come to love over the past 20 years.

My leadership comes at a critical time for Break the Floor. I want to build on our success and bring about needed change and professionalism that can be modeled throughout the dance industry. I am working closely with our management and staff to ensure a culture of excellence in dance and a safe and supportive environment for all. We have diligently designed the following approach to improve not just our company, but the dance community.

Russell Geyser, CEO

Steps we have taken
  1. We are working with outside counsel, Reed Smith, to review and provide ways to improve:
    1. Code of Conduct
    2. Policies & Procedures related to harassment
    3. Employee Handbook
  2. In the event of any allegation, our company will conduct an independent investigation following the policies and procedures which were created with outside counsel.  Upon conclusion of each investigation, the company will take appropriate action, which can include termination, based on the investigation’s findings.  
  3. We recently hired a certified human resource professional with over 25 years of experience to focus on safety, harassment and training.
  4. We require all employees to go through sexual harassment training provided by CA EDD – added as part of the on-boarding process.
  5. We conduct background checks on all new hires.
  6. We have engaged advocate Wade Robson to provide victim-centered guidance on our company’s policies & procedures.
  7. We are listening to and working with survivors to further strengthen the company policies and procedures.
  8. With Wade Robson’s guidance, we have helped create and are currently presenting a seminar at many JUMP events under the acronym: R.A.P.S. - Respectful, Appropriate, Positive, Safe. This allows a space for Studio Owners and Teachers to have open dialogue and transparency on important issues facing our community. We intend to expand these seminars to our other tours next season.
New steps we are taking
  1. Creating a diverse advisory board of dance industry professionals to help guide the future direction of the company, creating a more inclusive and safe experience for everyone.
  2. Continuing to work with the advisory board as well as individual advisors to continually update and strengthen our policies.
  3. At our events, communicating with all students, teachers and parents about how best to discuss or report anything they feel is inappropriate behavior.
  4. Requiring all employees to go through Mandatory Reporter training (added as part of the on-boarding process).
  5. Creating a new hotline to allow for anonymous reporting of any incidents or allegations. All complaints and concerns received will provide for immediate, thorough, and objective investigation of claims. We will then take any appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment, or immediate separation and cancellation of any business-to-business relationship with third parties for those who are determined to have engaged in inappropriate behavior.
  6. Updating contracts with all faculty and staff to reflect updated company policies.
  7. Consulting with industry leaders for age- and socially appropriate competition guidelines, including music, costumes, concept and choreography choices.
  8. Creating custom training to include all staff, faculty and production crew.
  9. Requiring management to regularly update, implement and communicate any changes to our new policies to our clientele via our websites, social media accounts, direct mailings or other communication methods.
  10. Gathering input and feedback from you! Please do not hesitate to contact our HR staff if you have ideas or thoughts on how we can improve our dance culture.
  11. Operating in a way that provides a safe environment for everyone and creates positive changes in an industry overdue for change.

Our HR professionals continue to be a resource for dancers and staff and can be reached at